What We Provide

We at EdgeWalk Solutions understand that every client has unique needs, and different ways are required to fulfil them. We offer several business models for this very reason. Each of the models has been designed to provide maximum benefits to clients.


We provide a complete suite of IT services in fields such as the financial services, healthcare services, education and allied industries.


We are obsessed with quality. We follow rigorous quality management techniques, which ensures high-quality delivery at every phase of our software development and maintenance cycles.

Quality Focus

EdgeWalk Solutions satisfies customers by committing to a consistent methodology, proven automated tools, effective project management techniques, quality assurance, testing and dedicated professionals.

The Industry

The software application development industry is one that is relatively new and growing in Nigeria and globally. The number of Internet and Smartphone and other smart mobile devices means that the audience for web and mobile applications is growing at a rapid rate. Current figures estimate that 11% of the Nigeria’s population of 170 million and this is set to increase rapidly in the coming years with cheaper and more available internet access. Increasing interest by venture capitalist also means that more investments in app development is increasing, making for exciting events in this business space.

Custom Application Development


Software Maintenance & Support


Network Setup and Maintenance


Conversion and Migration


Web enabling of Legacy Applications


Mobile application development


Website development


Application vulnerability assessment


Our Clients

Our clients’ business outcome is the true measure of our success and this pushes us to find creative solutions to the most challenging problems. EdgeWalk Solutions is always in pursuit to go beyond customer’s expectations. Over the years, we have developed relationships with many companies.


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