EdgeWalk Solutions

Solving real corporate and individual challenges.

About Us

We satisfy customers by committing to a consistent methodology, proven automated tools, effective project management techniques, quality assurance, testing and dedicated professionals.


We at EdgeWalk Solutions understand that every client has

unique needs, and different ways are required to fulfil them.

We offer several business models for this very reason.

Each of the models has been designed to provide

maximum benefits to clients.

Offshore Model

To meet its client’s aggressive schedules, EdgeWalk Solutions presents the offshore outsourcing process that offers a resource management, to meet demanding project deadlines. This model also provides an extensive project process to meet different delivery needs of the customer and extraordinary cost benefits when compared to the cost of an equivalent onsite team.

Onsite Model

EdgeWalk Solutions provides its software consultants to carry out onsite services. This team, would report to Project Manager responsible for the project. The onsite model can be a component of the offsite model, where EdgeWalk Solutions will send its personnel to the client’s side for implementation, testing and support of various projects.

  • Custom Application Development
  • Software Maintenance & Support
  • Network Setup and Maintenance
  • Conversion and Migration
  • Web enabling of Legacy Applications
  • Mobile application development
  • Website development
  • Application vulnerability assessment

Fast Pace Development Cycle

This allows EdgeWalk Solutions use an Agile software development process for a project requiring fast pace development. It is useful to customers who are working against very tight deadlines and at the same time are unable to shore up their budget for getting the work done on site.

EdgeWalk Solutions understands that certain key factors, such as time to market, ownership of source code and quality of solution which vary in degree from customer to customer, based on which we adopt a model that suits our customer the most.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to support clients at every stage in development. Rooted in deep domain knowledge and technology expertise, we are experienced in new product design, enterprise system modernization and managed services.